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Fred & Vicky

I love how these two met, Fred fell in love with a photo of Vicky before he even met her, definetly the start of a good romance film. This wedding had me going through all the emotions. I travelled down to Essex and stayed over the night before in a gorgeous pub in Thaxted. This also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year, I met up with Vicky at their home where her and the girls where getting ready, we all then headed over to the quaintest (is that even a word) Church to meet up with Fred and the rest of the wedding party. The reception was held at Stanstead Golf Club which is surrounded by the best fields to use for photos, cant thank the staff enough for coping on a very hot day and being all round awesome. Now you might recognise a face in a few of these photos, so apart from the usual nerves i get before every wedding, inside i was even more nervous if not feeling like a 3 year old on a sunny D sugar rush as this is one of my favourite all time singers. I think I acted cool calm and collected. One thing i did come away with is that no matter who you are family is and will always be the most important constant in your life and this family couldn't be any more full of love and support and i defo came away feeling all warm and fuzzy...... Thankyou for letting me be part of it …...

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