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Emma & Jamie

Dobcross - Saddleworth

I first met Emma and Jamie several years ago when i did their family shoot, which was so much fun. several years later Emma got in touch for a last minute wedding and i couldn't say no, not that i would anyway !. This was another re-scheduled wedding which was also looking unlikely with the Tier 4 looming. Emma called me to say they were moving it and that its on Christmas Day in the morning, Emma wanted to tell me in person and completely understood if i couldn't do it. It actually worked out really well and I'm so glad i did photograph the wedding. Set in the gorgeous little village of Dobcross, the amazing reverend at Holy Trinity Dobcross pulled it together perfectly. The Dobcross brass band came out to play Emma in and out of the church. All friends and family on Zoom watching on this gorgeous crisp Christmas morning...


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