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Why Pre Shoots are so important !

So you're looking for a wedding photographer and you've found one with a pre-shoot included?, I bet you asked to take the pre-shoot out to reduce the cost as you're not really that bothered about it and you want to keep within budget. Well don't!! the pre-shoot, engagement shoot whatever it's referred as is a useful tool for us and you. So what, you had a long engagement, you class yourself as old or the groom (mostly) doesn't like having his photo taken and the football is more than likely on when your trying to sort this out. You're going to have the photographer with you for a minimum of 8 hours on your wedding day they are going to see you in your undies!!!. Why wouldn't you take an hour or so somewhere you love to go, have a drink and have fun with your photographer. Is it really that bad?

I love them because I get to see how you react to the camera, what you like, don't like. You get to see how you look and you can remember this for your big day. You need to build a relationship with your photographer to get the best out of your photos as we pick up on the smallest details, looks and reaction. A lot of people associate having your picture taken is automatically a formal affair, take that thought and burn it. I hate formal. The right photographer can make you look amazing just by taking your photo from a different angle in awesome light. You also get to keep these photos, they can be gifts for family. Make the most of what you have chosen as you only have the once or twice to have this opportunity.

'Where do I start. I absolutely hate my photo being taken because I always feel self-conscious, but that's where Danielle excels. She tells you to ignore her and just pretend she isn't there (all the while making jokes so you can't help but know she's there). She made me feel comfortable having my photo taken and has made sure I will never forget our special day. I hardly noticed her on the big day but when I did see her she was just like one of the family enjoying the merriment. If I had to do it all again Danielle would be top of the list (even before cake, and I love cake).' Mark & Rachael Yeardley.

I've selected a few of my favourite photos from pre-shoots i've done over the years, the best smiles are the most natural smiles.

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